Lime Frozen Puree PS04219

Puree Container


Fruit Purees (frozen). The fruit purees from "PastryStar" are made with the world's best fruits which are prepared , pureed and flash-frozen with a lot of care to preserve the freshness and the taste of nature. To get that fresh taste of delicious fruit, that fruitfull flavor which release nature... Naturally! JUST OPEN.
comes 4/2lb tub per case = 8 lbs
Skid size: 16 cases/layer, 6 layers/pallet, 96 cases/pallet
Uses to flavor:
-Creams & mousses
-Refreshing Sorbets
-Tasteful fruit cocktails
-Decorative fruit sauces
Excellent dietetic
-Made with all natural ingredients: 90% fruit, 10% sugar
-Pasteurized : All our fruit purees are pasteurized for food safety concern
-Conveniently packed in re-usable 2 lb. containers
Follow your recipe using fruit puree.
Frozen (below 10 degrees F).
6 months under storage condition.


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We make quality pastry ingredients and products, guaranteed all natural, certified kosher and made locally in the U.S.

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